Franceska Lavaggi

Franceska Lavaggi strives to live and teach from an open, free heart. She humbly shares the lessons passed down from her teachers both past and present in such as way that her students connect to their ultimate divinity, strength, peace and freedom. Franceska is a 200 RYT in Hatha Yoga and has studied a myriad of styles through the guidance of today's most respected and honorable teachers. She continues to develop her own method based on sound alignment, connection to energetic pathways of body and most importantly, the proper use of the breath. Franceska is currently based in Vancouver and teaches Vinyasa, Power-flow, hot and restorative. Expect an invigorating class full of opportunities to connect with your breath and body.

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Quick Surfer Flow Yoga
Style: Flow
Level: All Level
Length: 30m

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Hammy Heaven Flow
Style: Vinyasa
Level: Intermediate
Length: 60m

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